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5 Items to Make Your Home More Comfortable for Your Senior Dog

So, you have a senior dog, and you notice some significant changes to their health and behavior. You notice that they are slower in navigating some areas of your house. Changes to their eyesight and coordination are causing some issues as they traverse the rooms of your home. At this stage in their life, the only thing you can do is to ensure they’re comfortable.

One of the best things to do is to make your home more accessible.

Let’s see how you can make your senior dog more comfortable at home.

1. Get Pet Stairs

The first option is pet stairs.

Pet stairs are a great tool to help older dogs maintain their freedom and mobility. If your dog needs a little assistance getting up and down from any existing or new furniture, or if you have a dog who can’t make that jump from the couch to the floor (like they used to) you should definitely consider getting some pet stairs. Their compact and can make a world of difference for your pet.

Pet stairs will give you a way to reduce physical stress on your dog’s body while also providing a comfortable and easy-to-navigate platform for them to access. The main purpose of pet stairs is to make it easier for your dog to navigate in and out of their favorite beds, couches, cars, and more.

2. Find a Dog Ramp

A dog ramp is a perfect addition to your home. They will improve your dog’s mobility and make it much easier to move around. Dog ramps are great for dogs who have physical limitations or trouble going up or down staircases. Ramps will make potty time fun again!

A ramp can be particularly beneficial if your dog has a hip or joint condition or problem. They are built to make it easy for your dog to navigate in and out of your house, car, or your yard. Ramps can help with hip dysplasia, ACL tears, and other health issues.

3. Grab Some Dog Boots

The best thing about dog boots is that they’re easy to find, easy to place on your dog and help improve your dog’s overall health. Dog boots protect your dog’s paws from harmful things like ice and salt, and they’re great for older dogs, who have arthritis, or who have conditions that make it difficult for their paws to heal from walking on rough surfaces.

4. Get Non-Slip Rugs and Mats

An anti-slip mat is another great tool to help your dog maintain their footing, particularly for older dogs. A non-slip bath mat is a perfect way to help your dog keep his footing, and it’s an excellent way to keep them moving around.

Non-slip rugs and mats are the most common type of anti-slip products. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Additionally, they can be purchased in both commercial and residential grade materials.

5. Get Dog Gates

If you have a dog having trouble navigating or seeing around your home, a dog gate can be a good solution. It allows your dog to safely remain in a particular area while also allowing you to close it to keep your dog from wandering into dangerous areas.

The best dog gates are easy to install and are available in several different configurations. They’re also easy to move, so you can use them for a variety of different purposes.

Keep Your Pets Comfortable and Happy

Even if your aging dog is still healthy and active, there are certain things you can do to help keep them comfortable.

All of the products mentioned in this article provide a terrific way to help your dog maintain their comfort while also maintaining their mobility.

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