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Puppy Names

You have brought home the puppy of your dreams. Congratulations! You now have a new member of your family who will remain loyal and love you for the rest of your life. Before taking the pup home, you have been given a health guarantee by your breeder, and you have made the necessary preparations to give this adorable creature an exciting homecoming. Amidst all the joy, there is one big problem – you cannot find a cool name for your puppy!

Deciding on puppy names is often a challenging task. Most people think of simple names Max, Bella, and Scout, but these names are too common! Some consider fancier and funnier names like Lord Flufferton, but they are too long! Other names like Steven or Max are too human and boring. So, what should you call your pup?

Before we list some adorable puppy names, below are a few tips to help you choose the right name for your puppy:

Select A Name That Ends With A Vowel

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that dogs often identify with names that end with vowels. These animals distinguish frequency ranges at a higher level than humans, and they will easily give attention to names with vowels. Therefore, instead of calling your dog Mark, names such as Rosie, Taco, and Josie can work wonders.

Avoid Long Names

If you want a cool name that a dog will identify with, avoid long names as much as you can. In fact, it is highly recommended that you give your dog two-syllable names. To find out if the name you give to your puppy is great, say it a number of times. In case you are comfortable repeating it many times, then that’s a good name.

Don’t Give Your Dog A Name With Negative Connotations

Some names with negative connotations are cute, but you should avoid giving them to your puppy. It’s a no-brainer – You don’t want to be associated with a dog whose name means something no one wants to be identified with.

Don’t Choose A Name That Might Be Confused For Commands

Sometimes, giving your dog a funny and unique name is a big deal. But don’t give names that your dog will confuse for commands. For instance, if you call your dog ‘Stopyo,’ this could be a great name, but later in life, the dog could mistake it for “Stop!” This might make the dog confuse a simple call for a command.

Cool Puppy Names You Should Consider

Below is a list of amazing puppy names you can consider:

  • Elias
  • Winston
  • Kody
  • Charlie
  • Zoe
  • Tiger
  • King
  • Jack
  • Eli
  • Daisy
  • Hudson
  • Duke
  • Dixie
  • Dakota
  • Waylon
  • Wilder
  • Willow
  • Daphne
  • Rose
  • Spots
  • Krystal
  • Rosie
  • Billy

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of names you can call your puppy. However, you need to pay attention to the tips provided in this article to make the ideal decision. If you task kids with the responsibility to name the puppy, ensure you give guidelines to steer them into making acceptable choices. Advise them to pick names that can grow with the puppy. The names suggested above can also work great for your puppy regardless of age or breed.

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